My Favourite Players

  1. Sabine Lisickisabine

I first got into tennis when I had finished university for the summer and all the BBC had on was Wimbledon, so with the lack of good day time television on I watched. It was the match against Serena that got me hooked and when she got to the final and think I cried nearly as much as she did when she lost, and I had only known of her for a few weeks. Since then it’s been an emotional ride I’ll tell you and I don’t think she will ever not be my favourite player. I wait with baited breath for the moment when she finally wins Wimbledon.



  1. Simona Halep                simona.jpg

I never really thought much of Simona until I couldn’t sleep one night and I put on the Aussie Open it was her match on so I decided to watch I can’t remember who it was against but it was an easy victory so from then on whenever she was on I would watch her and from then on she has slowly crept up to being my second favourite player.




  1.   Ana Ivanovic  ana.jpg

Let me start by saying I used to hate Ana I don’t know why maybe because she kept beating Sabine last year. I must say the only time I routed for last year was when she played either Sharapova or Serena because they are the only players who I really can’t stand along with Suarez Navarro. It was only at the beginning of the year that I started to route for her. I don’t know what made me maybe it’s how sweet and nice she came across in interviews that made it hard for me to hate her any more.



4 Babos.Timea Babos



The first time that I watched Babos play was in Dubai against Jankovic. I have to admit I had never heard of her before but quite quickly into the match I began to route for her. She may not have won but she played a good match. The next tournament I watched her in was Marrakech it was the only one on at the time and I saw she was playing in it. She beat Pennetta and Mladenovic along the way to the final before losing to Svitolina but I thought this might be a sign of what was to come, boy was I wrong. The true testament to how high she has come on my favs list I woke up early to watch her play in Taipei which she won.



5.  Angelique KerberAngie.jpg

I don’t know where my love for Angie began maybe it’s because she’s German, a lot of my favourite sports stars come from Germany. I first time that I truly became a fan was the being of 2014 during the Australian swing. It wasn’t the best year in terms of titles 4 finals and no wins. The highlight of that year was when she beat Maria at Wimbledon and the match against Kvitova at the Fed Cup Finals. My hope for her was beginning at the start of the year but then the tournaments in Charleston and Stuttgart renewed my faith in her and with two more titles and a final this year it has been one of her better.




6. Kristina Mladenovic kiki

Kiki is another player who has crept into my favourites this year. I first watched her in Marrakech because she was parting Babos in doubles and I watched her beat Muguruza I thought wow this player beat Serena last year and now she is getting beaten by Kiki and watched her more and more during the year and she had a good middle of the year and my love for her only grow during that time. I must say I also enjoyed watching her play doubles with Bencic and think that would be a good pairing for the future.




7. Elena VesninaElena.jpg

The first time I saw Vesnina play was in Moscow. Now she has never been the best player in singles this is why I like her because who doesn’t love an underdog but she has never really come through especially in matches that she can win. I like to watch in doubles more as I know that she actually has a shot at winning these matches. I think that with the results that have come her way in singles this year and her ranking this is where I will have to watch her.




8. Naomi BroadyNaomi

Now I have to have at least one British player right. I hadn’t really heard much about Naomi until Wimbledon last year when she played Wozniacki she then went on to do an interview with the BBC about how much getting the wildcard meant to her as it would fund her for the next year. She seemed genuinely happy about so I followed her results from then on. This year she had some good between Wimbledon and the US Open winning her first WTA match outside of the UK and making her first WTA semis hopefully I will have a lot more to cheer about next year.




9. Laura RobsonLaura

Around the time I was getting into tennis was the time that Laura was making a good run at Wimbledon and as she was British I watched her, I didn’t know much about tennis apart from that we were not any good at it except for Andy on the Men’s side. Then 2014 wasn’t the best and she was off with injury for the year bar two tournaments in Australia. When she came back I began to route for her again and with her hopefully playing more next year I think that she may climb higher up on my favourites list.




10. Eugenie Bouchardgenie

This may be a controversial one for some as I know that she isn’t particularly liked by some people for her attitude. I think sometimes it’s wrong like refusing to shake someone’s hand. She used to be higher up on my list last year and she was my second favourite around the time she made the Wimbledon finals but disappointing results this year and me trying to stay positive about her and her matches has seen her fall down on this list.



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